Carton Stripper

INTEGRITI CONSULTING carton-strippers are highly engineered and continually improved devices for the cardboard industry. The high-quality standard is ensured, among other things, by the consistent development.

With the shortage of workers and shortage of time , the CARTON WASTE STRIPPER is a gadget that will benefit you immensely & increase your production & work capacity

The INTEGRITI CONSULTING Carton waste stripping machine is an easy to use, hand held stripping device for removing waste from die-cut sheets

The INTEGRITI CONSULTING Carton waste stripping  is manufactured with a heavy duty motor and powerful pneumatic drive. The chain should last a minimum of six months providing the stripper is used correctly.

Stripping Time Reduced by up to 85%

Production time can also be saved on setting back and side trim removal on die cutter. The operator can strip a pallet while the next one is running through the die cutter.

Additional Features & Benefits:
  • Hardened parts for longer life
  • An average of 85% time saving or hand stripping manually
  • Powerful pneumatic drive
  • Improves gluer through-put
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Handles solid and corrugated fiber board