KAS Gmbh is a reputed manufacture of cold glue gun system  and quality assurance system based in GERMANY & has been manufacturing durable machines since 1993 & they have high expertise on installing gluing systems  on FOLDER GLUERS, LEAFLET FOLDING MACHINES, ROTARY PRINTING, WIDOW PATCHING & PAPER BAG MACHINES.

These German make designs are very much strong and sturdy and have almost negligible cost of maintenance, as compared to other machines that are available in market.

Also, the Indian team possess strong techno commercial knowledge of the local Indian and international OEMS, which helps in quick identification of your needs with an able solution.

The variants that are available are briefed below for your reference can be integrated with a Hotmelt or a PUR applicator using the existing pattern controller.

  • Low Pressure cold glue system
  • Medium pressure cold glue system
  • High Pressure Cold Glue System
  • High Pressure and Quality Assurance System (1-2-3 Pharma code or the Curand Code detection)