A combined machine for aqueous and thermal lamination, with a line speed of 100 meters /minute & having a vertical drying tunnel this machine enables you for ease of production.

Automatic non- stop feeder: The advanced offset machine prototype feeder, with automatic side lay can feed around 15000 sheets / hour & the non-stop feeder improves the work efficiency.

Over Lapping Regulator: The advanced servo-controlledoverlap with front layguarantee accurate and stable performance.

Drying and Heating System:The IR drying technology helps to save 40 % less energy

Main Machine Body: The machine main body has a thickness of almost 25 mm, which makes the machine more stable and increases the life of the machine for endurance of performance

ManMachine Interface: The large 10 inch screen, which controls the machine with its inbuilt PLC, makes the machine operator friendly.

Cutting Mechanism: The optional FLYING KNIFE / HOT KNIFE (THERMAL KNIFE) cutter is the choice of the customer, according to his technical or financial needs.

Anti-Curvature Device:Avoids paper curvature and makes the paper smooth, especially for the thin paper

Corrugated Delivery: The basic of the lamination machine, depends upon having a sturdy method for collecting paper.

Automatic Stacker: A non-stop stacker increases the efficiency of the machine & intelligently handles the height of the pile.