INTEGRITI CONSULTING backs your equipment with general maintenance and repair services & on top of this, we offer practical guides to help you troubleshoot and fix issues yourself , If  that’s not quite enough, we’re available for a technical inspection and assessment of your equipment and preventative or corrective maintenance on request.

Our engineers come to you the moment you need them, they cover every field of activity, bringing you all their expertise and experience in INTEGRITI CONSULTING equipment. They also keep your machine database up to date to ensure faster diagnostics and interventions. &  therefore you benefit from personalized advice, specifically adapted to your equipment.

INTEGRITI CONSULTING has designed and created hundreds of ways for you to extend the lifespan of your machines, add features, boost their performance and improve your productivity.

Many machine enhancements are designed as standard & however, most enhancements are tailor-made to your equipment and your requirements. & feel free to call us when it comes to machine enhancements, INTEGRITI CONSULTING has a solution to meet all of your needs.

Your INTEGRITI CONSULTING equipment is central to your operational productivity and capacity to serve your customers. That’s why our preventive maintenance services are an important feature of your investment. You choose the service type that’s best for you.

Maintenance A

At any time in the life cycle of your machine, you can subscribe to a 12-month “Maintenance A”  agreement for a personalized plan for preventive maintenance by certified INTEGRITI CONSULTING experts. To increase your machine availability while improving production quality and extend your equipment’s lifecycle, we’ll conduct regularly-scheduled inspections and take measures to minimize breakdowns.


  • Regularly scheduled maintenance inspections by certified INTEGRITI CONSULTING technicians
  • Standardized reports including early identification of equipment problems and recommendations on potential improvement
  • Maintenance including overhaul, defect rectification and parts replacement as recommended in the report to minimize the risk for failure
  • Quality of INTEGRITI CONSULTING certified spare and wear parts to guarantee optimal operation.

Maintenance A +

Would you like to gain the peace of mind that control over Total Cost of Ownership brings? Experience this by subscribing to a personalized “Maintenance A +”  agreement when you invest in a new machine. Maintenance Premium provides up to 2 years of superior all-inclusive maintenance coverage, including services by INTEGRITI CONSULTING experts and INTEGRITI CONSULTING certified spare and wear parts.

It is the best way to ensure your equipment stays in optimal condition for maximum machine availability and top operational productivity. You’ll have 100% control of your maintenance budgets while getting the maximum economic return on your operations, and keep your equipment like new longer.


  • Guaranteed access to certified INTEGRITI CONSULTING technicians
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance inspections including improvement recommendations
  • Interventions planned in accordance with your schedule
  • Any maintenance measures identified to minimize the potential for breakdown
  • Priority response for any issues
  • All necessary INTEGRITI CONSULTING certified spare and wear parts
  • Remote Monitoring and Downtime Tracking Apps for peace of mind and ability to take action if needed, from anywhere.