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Hotmelt Drum Unloaders

PS20 drum unloaders offers careful melting of reactive and non reactive hot melt adhesives supplied in 20- liters drums.
For reactive adhesives they do not need an external supply of inert gas and allow proponged production stoppages without having to protect the system from the crosslinking of the adhesive. They are based on a modular construction that allows a great varity of combinations.

Multiple combinations
  • Different heated plates with melting rates of 9-20 l/h depending on the type of adhesive.
  • Gear pumps with different flow rates (1-48 l/h).
  • Number of hose/gun connections.
  • Mechanical or pneumatic bypass valve option.
  • With air injection for manual or automatic disc extraction.
  • Tandem configurations for production without interruptions for drum changes.

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