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Low Pressure Folder gluear Machine

The low-pressure gluing machine folder-gluer, is designed for machines that carry out sustained and speed rather than requiring a large number of glue dots to be delivered.

Patern controller of 2/4/8/16 and 32 and also upto 96 channels

ERO glue pump high-pressure pneumatic ratio 1:8. The stroke of the double piston of which is equipped with the pump is controlled by an electronic card


1.High production speeds

2.Considerable saving of glue working points

3.High technology and innovation

4.Reduced maintenance

5.Maximum reliability, cleanliness and precision

6.Maximum production speed :- more than 250 m/m

7.Maximum error over 500 m / m :- + / - 1 mm

8.Size:-L = 410 mm, H = 1200 mm, W = 770 mm

9.weight :- 25 kg without glue

Maximum speed of production:- Over 210 m/min
Maximum error over 200 m/min:- +/- 1 mm
Dimension: L = 410 mm, H = 1200 mm,W = 770 mm
Weight: 25 Kg without glue.
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