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Micron Hotmelt Series

The ‘micron’ series includes the 4, 8 and 16 liter range of hot-melt adhesive melters/applicators.The ‘micron’ are designed for use with ‘meler’ hoses and guns in hot-melt adhesive applications. Their different variations – line, coating or swirl-spray – cover a wide range of applications, being very versatile in all markets where they are used.

Energy efficincy

This innovative product fully harnesses its energy consumption, which is up to 60% lower than that of other equipment on the market, resulting in significant savings in costs and maintenace.

Melting and pumping efficiency

The temprature is distributed evenly over the entire contact surface of the tank, achieving thorough and efficient melting oof the adhesive. The Micron series represents a breakthrough in the careful treatment of hot melt.
Pumping is kept at a regular rate thanks to the carful design of the tank/pump.

Use and maintenance efficiency

The tank lid is large and opens fully, making it easier to load and clean the tank. Full access to the inside of the meter car be gained in just a few steps.
one of Melers main aims is to ensure user safety. The Micron series always keeps the casing cool and has a valve which depressurises the adhesive pressure system in the case of an alarm or the melter swithing.
Micron offers our customers maximum performance for long lasting , cost eggective solutions.

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