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Regid box making line

The luxury packaging sector is continuously evolving and companies are always searching for new technologies that will allow them to be competitive on the market.

Our latest machinery is an automatic mechatronic line for the manufacturing of coated rigid cardboard boxes. This machine is completely electronic and it offers an unique automatic mechanism to change the production's shape and size, which does not require any manual adjustment. The production inputs, as well as, the control over the productions status can be set and overseen through the touch screen device, or a networked mobile phone or pc. Consequently, the production' waste and maintenance costs are consistently reduced.
This comes parallely to its low energetic consumption (if compared to other machineries).

The new smart line for rigid box, offers:

Wide range of types of boxes: the line realizes, in addition to the common cross boxes, boxes of two, three or four heights, cardboard boxes with a T, H, stitching ribbon or Hot-Melt boxes, monocouvette, perforated boxes (even with large holes), all these without any additional kits

Changeover time drastically reduced: the line, with its new concept of change-driven, has drastically reduced the downtime to switch from one format to another, allowing, thus effectively increase productivity.

Remote assistance comprehensive and integrated into the machine: the line has a remote assistance system which, if necessary, communicates directly with the server SATE and allows the maintenance, monitoring and analyzing the status of any part of the machine in real-time.

Report released: at the end of the production cycle, or end of the day, the line can automatically send a report on the work performed, replacement carried out, the working speed of the machine, any alarms, formats used, and more. This is an almost indispensable tool for planning work.

Processes improved: the line is accurate in its spotting system, clearly superior to all the lines of the same type on the market up to date. Such system eradicates common processing production problems such as the rows of glue on white paper, coated bubbles on the box, alignment of the ribbons of stitching, and still others.

Automatic Start: line has an autostart function for the preparation of the glue, allowing the user to start immediately the production soon as he takes his turn.

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