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High Pressure flexo folder-gluer machines

The high pressure gluing system has been developed for extra high speed casemaker/flexo folder-gluer machines.

The ERO-OE system includes the following standard features

1. 4 channels automatic control panel

2.High pressure double pistons ERO glue pump

3.High pressure ERO flow regulator

4.Reduced maintenance

5.Digital proportional valve

6.Encoder complete with support and pulley, laser photo-eyes, glue filter, glue air hoses, pump support

8. 3 glue distributors type GTE-13/M mounted onto a gluing station

9. The gluing system is tested at 20 0air temperature with a 900 mPas glue viscosity

Maximum speed of production :- Over 700 m/min
Maximum error over 500 m/min :- +/- 1 mm
Dimension: L = 400 mm, H = 1510 mm,W = 660 mm
Weight: 60 Kg without glue
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