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Pattern Controller EFFI Bead

EFFIBEAD is a firing device which splits the continuous hot melt beads into pre-set intermittent sections. It is installed between the electrovalve of the applicator and the activation signal device.

EFFIBEAD perfectly combines reliability with savings, since it only applies the required amount of adhesive. In this way, you can reduce the consumption of adhesive by 30 to 60%, depending on the type of application, without affecting the gluing quality.

Easy to use

The program is selected with two rotary switches that establish the percentage savings and desired application pattern.

It features a multi-colour LED that indicates the different states of the device to the operator at all times.

Simple and reliable

Meler’s new controller does not need an additional external power supply and it can be easily integrated with the existing hot melt application systems. It automatically adapts to changes in the length of the bead or speed of the line.

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