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Barcode Reader

The black & white camera barcode reader and the colour camera anti-mixed system includes the following main features


1 ) 12” Touch Screen

All the barcode reader systems are monitored and driven by a 12“ Touch screen. Inside an electrical cabin is installed a data analyser, an encoder frequency divisor and a stroboscopic illuminator.
This data analyzer can be connected to B & W cameras only.

2) Control station:

Equipped with black & white camera:
1. Black & white camera 640X480 pixels resolution, 60 frame/sec

2.Maximum speed 280 m/min.

3.Maximum reliability, cleanliness and precision

4.Maximum production speed :- more than 700 m / m

5.Size:-L = 450 mm, H = 1500 mm, W = 760 mm

6.weight :-60 kg without glue

7. The software installed on the touch screen automatically shuts down the feeder or the machine after a consecutive number of errors.

Maximum speed of production :- Over 700 m/min
Maximum error over 500 m/min :- +/- 1 mm
Dimension: L = 450 mm, H = 1510 mm,W = 760 mm
Weight: 60 kg
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